I hung the verses on our wall over eleven years ago as a newlywed, hoping they would serve as a visual reminder throughout our marriage that the seasons would not always be pretty, but that God is still God and He still moves in each season, even the dark and hard ones. Almost twelve years … More Seasons

The past few months have been filled with a wide range of emotions. We find ourselves viewing our world, our lives, and our friends & family through seemingly new eyes as we are acutely aware of the fact that I am blessed to be here on this earth, and yet we also mourn the death of two … More

Gabriel was a fighter. And in his short life, Gabriel encouraged all of us to fight as well: to fight for life, to stand strong in Truth, to draw close to God, to draw close to each other… to believe that God is our strength, that He is a Mighty Warrior who does fight for … More

in His loving arms

On Thursday, December 10, 2015 little Gabriel Ficker joined his little twin sibling in his Father’s joyous arms in Heaven at almost 26 weeks of life. While our arms still ache to hold our little fighter that held on inside for so long, we truly thank God that Gabriel did not suffer on this earth, … More in His loving arms


It’s a boy! And we have decided to name him Gabriel. Hebrew in its origin, it means “God is my strength” or some translations also say, “Mighty Warrior of God.” And that is what this little boy has been – a mighty warrior who will testify forever of the strength of his God. I have … More Gabriel

Love Always Wins

I have a wonderful husband. I have three gorgeous little children. I love Jesus Christ with my whole heart, and I seek to follow the voice of our loving God daily. Two years ago, this same loving God made it evident that my husband and I were to start and lead a school system including … More Love Always Wins

He who calls will be faithful to carry it out…

It has been awhile since I have sat before this blog. And as I sit here now, getting ready to write about the crazy, beautiful, overwhelming, amazing, difficult, exhausting, freeing, and over all abundant ride that has encompassed the passed year (and will continue in all its abundant glory for the next year and into … More He who calls will be faithful to carry it out…